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Company Profile

Ningbo Youhe Mother & Baby Products Co. Ltd. introduced the first YOUHA breast pump in 2010 and soon became an industry leader. Our passion, leading-edge technological research and innovation, strict management protocols, innovative sales strategies, and ISO 9001:2000-certified quality control measures are the keys to our success.

Products designed and created by YOUHA combine safety, style, convenience, and control for modern parents around the world. Throughout our products and innovation process we strive to support more relaxed and supportive parenting, for healthier and happier families.

We welcome all local and international inquiries and look forward to building lasting relationships with distributors, healthcare professionals, families, and mothers.

Our Story

Where It All Started

YOUHA was born out of a passion for breastfeeding and healthy, happy families. Upon welcoming their first child, Mr. Golf Fang and Mrs. Janet Wu realized the importance of breastfeeding and the special bond that it fosters between mother and child. To share their passion and support other breastfeeding families, the couple opened Excellent Studio in 2009. This is where the first YOUHA breast pump was introduced and embraced by many breastfeeding mothers.

Our Successes

Over the past 12 years YOUHA has developed and grown to become one of the leading global manufacturers of breast pumps, mother and baby accessories, and appliances.

As part of our commitment to supporting parents globally, we are constantly innovating and expanding our product range. With over 200 office employees, 200 distributors around the world, and three factories, our trusted brand is supported by a network of people who share the same vision, values, and purpose.

The Turning Point

Our brand "YOUHA" was founded in 2011 after rebranding to Ningbo YOUHA Mother and Baby Products Co., Ltd. We introduced the 8004 Double Electric Breast Pump and countries around the world expressed interest. Our sales increased by 50% for 5 consecutive quarters and we soon became an established brand in China and countries abroad.

The Challenges

A good work ethic, a passion for breastfeeding and family, and a good sense of humor helped Mr. and Mrs. Fang navigate early challenges in a highly competitive niche market. Keeping true to their passion, they focused on product research and development and innovative sales strategies to establish a strong global presence.

Our Future

Our goal at YOUHA is to share our passion by increasing brand awareness, building new relationships with distributors, healthcare professionals, and expanding e-commerce to reach more families around the world.

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