YH-8020 The ONE Double Electric Breast Pump

Short Description:

● Strong, convenient, and portable design with screen lock feature
● Massage mode, Expression mode, Deep Expression mode
● Six levels per mode
● Mixed and manual modes allow for more customization
● FDA approved

  • Model NO.: YH-8020
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  • Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    YH-8020 The ONE Double Electric Breast Pump

    YOUHA The ONE was designed for the on-the-go mommy. Whether you're at work, commuting, preparing snacks for the little ones or having lunch with the girls, using this pump will be life changing. The sleek and compact design combined with a whisper soft motor means you can now pump whenever you want, wherever you.

    ● Great versatility, can be used for single or double pumping
    ● Hospital strength suction
    ● Six levels per mode
    ● Memory function allows you to return to the mode you last used
    ● Screen lock feature

    The ONE is a high-quality closed systems and all the parts that come in contact with breast milk are free from BPA and DEHP.

    Five Modes & 6 Levels
    Massage Mode: Fast frequency and light suction to stimulate milk flow
    Expression Mode: Used after let-down. Fewer cycles per minute with stronger suction for efficient milk removal
    Deep Expression Mode: Even fewer cycles with slower suction. Great for blocked milk ducts
    Mixed Mode 1: Mixed mode adds a cycle of Massage mode in between each Expression mode cycle
    Mixed Mode 2: Mixed mode adds a cycle of Massage mode in between each Deep Expression mode cycle
    Personalized mode allows you to customize the cycles per minute and suction strength to levels that work best for you

    Included in the box:
    1 x The ONE Motor Unit
    2 x 24 mm Breast Shields
    2 x 27 mm Breast Shields
    2 x Soft Massage Cushions (Converter to 21mm)
    2 x Membrane Cap
    2 x Membrane
    2 x Valve Base
    4 x Valve (Includes 2 Spares)
    1 x Cooler Bag with Ice Pack
    1 x Y-Shape Tubing
    1 x Single Tubing
    2 x PPSU Storage Bottles with Lid
    2 x Teat with Lid
    1 x AC Adaptor

    Product Parameter(Specification)

    Product Model THE ONE(YH-8020)
    Material Silicone,ABS,PPSU
    Power adapter specifications DC12.0V 1A
    Operation power voltage 100-240V-50/60Hz
    Battery Capacity 800mAh
    Pump Motor Size: 95*95*57mm / 3.74*3.74*2.24 inch
    Weight: 275g
    Suction 45mmHg-340mmHg
    Charging time 3-4 hours
    Battery fully charged service time 3 hours
    Decibel size <35db
    Models Massage mode (1-6 level)
    Expression mode (1-6 level)
    Deep expression mode (1-6 level)
    Mixed mode 1 (Massage mode+Expression mode)
    Mixed mode 2 (Massage mode+Deep Expression mode)
    Personal mode
    Shut Time 30 minutes auto shut off 
    Bottle Capacity 210ml
    Certifications CE,FDA
    Warranty 1 year

    Product Detail

    YOUHA THE ONE Double Breast Pump (6)YOUHA THE ONE Double Breast Pump (7) YOUHA THE ONE Double Breast Pump (5)YOUHA THE ONE Double Breast Pump (8) YOUHA THE ONE Double Breast Pump (9)

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